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UU Bar Ranch


The Express UU Bar Ranch, formerly owned by Oklahoma oil magnate Waite Phillips, is now owned by Express Ranches . The UU Bar Ranch is west of Cimarron, New Mexico and is south of Philmont Scout Ranch. The two ranches are separated by Highway 21. Express Ranches is controlled by Robert A. "Bob" Funk, who is chairman, CEO, and founder of Express Employment Professionals. The original UU Bar Ranch land was purchased by Waite Phillips in the 1920s and totaled over 300,000 acres. When Phillips donated his UU Bar Ranch land north of what is now Highway 21 to the Boy Scouts of America in 1941 (approximately 127,000 acres), he retained the grazing land to the south. Without use of the Villa Philmonte, Phillips briefly moving the UU Bar Ranch headquarters to the historic Casa del Gavilan near the base of Urraca Mesa, selling the ranch in 1943 to a family with the last name of McDaniel. The Express UU Bar Ranch has cattle and tourism (hunting and fishing) operations and comprises approximately 160,000 acres of land. The ranch also owns the historic St. James Hotel in nearby Cimarron, having purchased it in January 2009. The ranch is a key point of contention in a recent lawsuit filed against Express Employment Professionals founder Bob Funk, who purchased the ranch in March 2006 for $85.5 million.

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